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Owner (nr. of ships) City Country
Algoma Central & Hudson Bay Railway Co. (1) Sault Sainte Marie (Ont.) Canada
Banksland Marine Group Inc. Edmonton (1) Onbekend Canada
Blue Peter Steamships Ltd (5) St. John's (NFL) Canada
Burton Berkshire, Raymond (1) St. John's (NFL) Canada
Canadian Coastwise Carriers Ltd. (1) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Canadian Government (3) Halifax (N.S.) Canada
Cann & Co., L. (1) Yarmouth Canada) Canada
Caribbean Steamship Company Ltd. (1) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Carter Steamship Company Ltd (1) Unknown Canada
Carter, Kingsley J. (1) Unknown Canada
Chaulk Air Inc. (2) Onbekend Canada
Chimo Shipping Ltd. (2) St. John's (NFL) Canada
Clarke Steamship Company Ltd. (2) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
CN Marine Inc. (1) St. John's (NFL) Canada
Co-operative de Transport Maritime & Aerien (1) Grindstone Canada
Comtug Ltd. (3) St. John's (NFL) Canada
Cruickshank, M. (1) Halifax (N.S.) Canada
Desgagnes Transport (3) Quebec (P.Q.) Canada
Dinning, H. (1) Quebec (P.Q.) Canada
Ehrsam Inc., Frederic (4) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Entreprise de Navigation de L'Isle Inc. (1) Quebec (P.Q.) Canada
Fairmont Shipping (Canada) Ltd (1) Vancouver (B.C.) Canada
Government of Canada (3) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Groupe Riverin Maritime Inc. (1) Quebec (P.Q.) Canada
Halliday, James (1) Quebec (P.Q.) Canada
Himmelman Supply Ltd (3) St. John's (NFL) Canada
Hudson's Bay Company (1) Winnipeg Canada
Imperial Oil Ltd. (1) Nanaimo Canada
Imperial Oil Shipping Co. Ltd. (1) Nanaimo Canada
Ipsa Two Ltd. (1) Vancouver (B.C.) Canada
Kennedy, Louis (1) Bridgewater Canada
Killam, John (1) Yarmouth, N.S. Canada
Manhattan Shipping (1) Onbekend Canada
Marine Atlantic Inc. (1) St. John's (NFL) Canada
Maystar Shipping Company Ltd. (2) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
McAllister Towing & Salvage Inc. (3) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
McCormick, J.S. (1) Windsor (Ontario) Canada
McKeil Marine Ltd. (2) St. John's (NFL) Canada
Miller's, Bolton. (1) St. John's (NFL) Canada
Ministry of Transport Dominion of Canada (2) Hamilton (Canada) Canada
Moes Bros. (2) Hamilton (Canada) Canada
Montreal Shipping Co. Ltd. (1) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Montships Lines Ltd. (1) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Nanavut Eastern Artic Shipping Ltd. (1) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Newfoundland Marine Energy Ltd (3) St. John's (NFL) Canada
North Coast Steamship Company Ltd. (1) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Northern Transport Co. (2) Winnipeg Canada
Nortran Offshore Ltd. (1) Edmonton Canada
Nova Scotia Steel & Coal Co. Ltd. (2) Pictou N.S. Canada
Nunavut Eastern Artic Shipping (4) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
O.K. Service Shipping Ltd (2) St. John's (NFL) Canada
Oak Bay Marina Ltd. (2) Edmonton Canada
Ocean Inc., Le Groupe (1) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Océan Remorquage Montreal Inc. (2) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Orr, Robert (1) Onbekend Canada
Park Steamship Company Ltd. (3) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Pickford & Black (1) Halifax (N.S.) Canada
Randelle, I.R. (1) St. John's (NFL) Canada
Ray Berkshire Ltd. (2) Onbekend Canada
Royal Bank of Canada (1) Onbekend Canada
Rupert's Land Trading Company Ltd (2) Winnipeg Canada
Shaw, Frank (1) Onbekend Canada
Shell Co. of Canada Ltd. (1) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Skretting Canada Inc. (1) Vancouver (B.C.) Canada
Thibeault, D (1) Quebec (P.Q.) Canada
Transit Tankers & Terminals Ltd (1) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Transport Desgagnés Inc. (1) Winnipeg Canada
Transport Inukshuk Inc. (3) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Transport Maritime Vigneault Ltd. (1) Quebec (P.Q.) Canada
Transport Mitiq Inc. (2) Montreal (P.Q.) Canada
Transport Qamutik Inc. (6) Onbekend Canada
Umialarik Transportation Inc. (3) Iqualuit Canada
Wael Transport Inc. (3) Onbekend Canada
Wobun S.S. Co. Ltd. (1) Pictou N.S. Canada