Name ship: ANNA GEZINA

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Identification Data

Year built: 1865
Classification Register:
IMO number:
Nat. Official Number:
Category: Cargo vessel
Propulsion: Sailing Vessel
Type: Galliot
Standard Ship Type:
Type Deck:
Lift Capacity:
Material Hull:
Construction Data

Shipbuilder: Bodewes, Gerardus G., Martenshoek, Netherlands
Date Laid Down:
Launch Date: 1865-00-00
Delivery Date: 1865-00-00
Technical Data

Ship is not motorized.
Gross Tonnage:
Net Tonnage: 68.00 tons (oude meting)
Length 1: 21.54 Meters Registered
Beam: 4.025 Meters Registered
Depth: 1.46 Meters Registered
1st 2nd 3rd Steerage Deck Total
0 0 0 0 0 0
Configuration Changes

Certificate of Registry
Year registered 1865
Number in register 458
Type Galjoot
Lasts 36
Built province/country ,
Date agenda 1865-06-19
Passport requested by Vries, J.J. de
City Groningen
Master at time of request Vries, J.J. de
Other Remarks
Ship History Data

Date/Name Ship 1865-06-10 ANNA GEZINA
Manager: J.L. de Vries, Hoogezand, Netherlands
Owner: J.L. de Vries, Hoogezand, Netherlands
Homeport / Flag: Hoogezand / Netherlands
Callsign: NDSJ
Additional info:

Ship Events Data

1873-03-06: Final Fate: Gestrand bij Bude (Noordkust van Cornwall) en wrak geslagen.
De bemanning werd gered. (zie ook STEP 10)

Ship Masters Data

Date from: 1865
Captain: Vries, J.J. de
Flagnumber: 0
Other information: 0



Year: 1865-06-10
Description: Archiefnummer Gron. 1855-1869-133-1043
General information regarding this ship

NRC 090373
Bude, 6 maart. het schip (opm: galjoot, bouwjaar 1865) ANNA GEZINA, kapt. J.J. de Vries, van London naar hier bestemd, is gestrand. De equipage is gered.
Bude, 7 maart, per telegram. Het schip ANNA GEZINA, is in de afgelopen nacht uit elkander geslagen, de lading zal totaal weg zijn, en van de inventaris is zeer weinig gered. 

NRC 100373
Bude, 7 maart. Van het schip ANNA GEZINA, kapt. De Vries, hier gestrand en wrak, is de kapitein en 2 man door de reddingsboot en de jongen door het reddingstoestel gered. De lading is geheel weg.

PGC 110373
Groningen, 10 maart. de alhier tehuis behorende, de 6e dezer bij Bude gestrande en naar Londen bestemde schoener ANNA GEZINA, kapt. J.J. de Vries, is uit elkander geslagen. De lading mest is weg en van de inventaris is zeer weinig geborgen.

From the book "Wreck and Rescue round the Cornish Coast "
An exciting scene took place at the mouth of Bude harbour om March 6th 1873, when the Dutch galliot ANNA GEZINA ( T.T. de Vries, master ) wasive ashore and wrecked whilst on passage from London to Bude with a cargo of 250 tons of superphosphate. At 1.30in the afternoon, in a heavy ground swell and a strong southerly wind. the ANNA GEZINA was seen running for the harbour, she having no pilot aboard at the time. The wind drove her over the north side of the entrance, where she struck. Heavy seas made a complete breach over the vessel, compelling the crew to take refuge in the rigging, where at every moment it seemed that they must be washed away. The inhabitants of the little town at once ran to the pier and the cliffs, breathlessly watching the crew's desperate struggle to maintain their hold. The race for saving them was run between the coastguards and lifeboat crew. The first rocket fired by the coastguards carried a line right over the galliot, and after a hawser had been dragged on board, one of the crew - a boy - was taken ashore in a basket. Meanwhile the lifeboat " Elizabeth  Moore Garden " had been launched , and after a gallant pull through the foaming seas, reached the vessel just as it was feared she would break asunder. The remainder of the crew, three in number, were taken aboard her and brought safely to land. The ANNA GEZINA's masts went overboard at flood tide that night, and the vessel soon afterwards broke up, the beach being covered with wreckage.