Name ship: AMURBORG

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Identification Data

Year built: 2011
Classification Register: Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR)
IMO number: 9466336
Nat. Official Number: 23164 Z 2011
Category: Cargo vessel
Propulsion: Motor Vessel
Type: General Cargo, Multi Purpose
Standard Ship Type:
Type Deck:
Rig: 3 Liebherr deckcranes
Lift Capacity: 60 tons each
Material Hull: Steel
Decks: 1
Construction Data

Shipbuilder: Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard, Shanghai, China
Yardnumber: H1577A
Date Laid Down: 2011-03-02
Launch Date: 2011-05-20
Delivery Date: 2011-09-13
Technical Data

Engine Manufacturer:
Engine Type: Motor, Oil, 4-stroke single-acting
Number of Cylinders: 6
Power: 10200
Power Unit: BHP (APK, RPK)
Eng. additional info: Wärtsilä Type 6L46F (460x580)
Speed in knots: 17.00
Number of screws: 1
Gross Tonnage: 11885.00 Gross tonnage
Net Tonnage: 5650.00 Net tonnage
Deadweight: 17325.00 tonnes deadweight (1000 kg)
TEU: 962
Length 1: 142.95 Meters Length overall (Loa BB)
Length 2: 133.36 Meters Length between perpendiculars (Lbp)
Beam: 21.50 Meters Breadth, moulded
Depth: 13.30 Meters Depth, moulded
Draught: 9.70 Meters Draught, maximum
Configuration Changes

Certificate of Registry
Ship History Data

Date/Name Ship 2011-09-13 AMURBORG
Manager: Wagenborg Shipping B.V., Delfzijl, Netherlands
Owner: C.V. m.s. Amurborg, Delfzijl, Netherlands
Homeport / Flag: Delfzijl / Netherlands
Callsign: PBRO
Additional info: Eems Beheer III B.V., Delfzijl.

Ship Events Data

2011-05-20: 20-05-2011 te Shanghai gedoopt door mevrouw Lily Li (echtgenote van Capt. Bi Yuping, Managing Director of Wilhelmsen Huayang ShipService Shanghai.)

2011-09-16: On September 16th 2011 Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Shanghai, delivered the 142.8 mtr long m.v. Amurborg. Preceded by Amstelborg, Arneborg, Amazoneborg, Asiaborg, Americaborg, Australiaborg, Africaborg, Atlanticborg, Avonborg, Alaskaborg, Azoresborg, Arubaborg, Albanyborg, Aragonborg, Adriaticborg and Andesborg, the Amurborg is the seventeenth in a row of Wagenborg’s 1A ice-classed, multipurpose vessels of 17500 ton DWT, geared with three 60 ton deck-cranes, the Chinese yard is building for Wagenborg. The maidenvoyage will take the Amurborg from Japan with rice to Benin, W-Africa.

Ship Masters Data


Description: Amurborg 2011 and Australiaborg 2007 on 20-11-2014 in the Waalhaven, Rotterdam.
Image type: Photo